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Thanks to football season, our gaming events on the weekends takes a backseat to the Badger games (not the Packer games, we can Tivo those, but we have season tickets to the Badger games). Thus, we had not played Ptolus since August, but we just started it again on November 2, although the next game will be in mid-December. Deadlands hasn’t been played since September, but hopefully will re-start in November. In the meantime, I have more funnies from the World of Geekdom:

“I’m your average every day mad scientist.” – Janet
 “Why would plastic dice have aromas?” – BKC, sniffing his dice; “Huff your own dice!” – Jason
“I need an exorcist for my dice.” – Brian Stewart; “You need an exorcist for your life.” – Me; “Well, that, too.” – Brian Stewart
“Where are my dice?” – BKC/GM; “I ate them; I was hungry.” – Janet; “Weren’t you sniffing them earlier?” – Me
“You go to the laundry.” – GM; “Can they clean my dirty mind?” – Ben; “I don’t think they have enough detergent for that.” – LAC
“How do you know they’re bad guys?” – Lisa; “Good guys don’t shuffle.” – Jason; “You shuffle every time you play poker.” – Ben; “And you think he’s a good guy?” – Janet
“There’s no kill like overkill.” – Janet
“Pink Paperclip: Worst superhero name ever.” – BKC
“The GM was looking up ‘so you’re party wants to go to Hell…” – BKC

Daria: The Ginsu Ranger
BKC: “I’m not serving anyone.” Janet: “That’s okay; I’m not a cannibal.”
“Parnaith’s Jeweled Sphere: the party’s ‘cheat code’ for going through the Jewels of Parnaith” – the Rogue
“Raguel, the Spaghetti Angel.” - ???
“It’s always nice to wake them up before disentangling them.” – the Ranger
“Now I need first, second, and third aid.” – the Ranger
Stone Garden Gnome
Literally disarmed the Golem
Normal people: the packing peanuts around the evil in Praemal
“Do you know how difficult it is to talk of D&D Elder Gods to a group of PCs very familiar with the works of H. P. Lovecraft?” – DM/LAC
D&D Rule: Always use the monster’s special abilities because they’re gonna die.
“Slappy Brow and the Storm Windows” and “Grunt of the Mounted” – Stig’s Inferno
Sung to the tune of “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” “Follow the Emperor’s Road.” – Cleric

Pog ma thoin!

“Normals are squishy.” – Lisa G.

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