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For his birthday this year, the World’s Greatest Husband (WGH) wanted to take a page out of my friend Russ’s (k_kinnison) book and decided to have Curley Con (CC): a weekend of gaming.

The WGH set up the invites on Facebook months ago. I refuse to do Facebook due to privacy/security concerns, but this party was Brian’s baby. Earlier in the, more for my own organizational skills, I asked the WGH what he wanted to do for the weekend. All I had to do was think about the food, which we started buying (frozen appetizers from Costco) last month, and cleaning the house.

Because of a camping trip the weekend prior to CC, I wanted to clean house two weeks prior; but the WGH had other ideas. We went to garage sales and then a launch party at our FLGS for ROFL by John Kovalic. I finally met his gamer level 4 (soon to be level 5), Louisa. Adorable, and ROFL is fun, too.

I’ve been working on a scholarly index during September, so the cleaning mostly fell to the WGH. I didn’t have to worry because he did a very nice job, sweeping the floors, taking out the garbage, and he especially re-arranged the dining/gaming room for both the buffet and games. Perfect.

Brian wants a boysenberry pie for his birthday every year, so I order one from a local bakery at the beginning of September. This year, he’s been obsessed with a really good cocoanut cream pie from a local buffet place, so I ordered one of those, too. He was pleasantly surprised.

Only blupe showed up Friday night, so we watched Captain America and The Avengers because he’d seen neither. The WGH cooked the first of two take and bake pizzas he bought from Costco.

Saturday morning, we took the puppies to the local farmer’s market, so Brian and I could score some breakfast. Back home, instead of starting cooking, I fell asleep on the couch until our first guest, J3, arrived. Within an hour, all the food was ready, and all the guests were there, too.

We started the games with a quick and fun one called Race to Adventure, which the birthday boy won. He also won Cosmic Encounter. Then I brought out my Munchkin collection, and we played the original game with a lot of the expansions and even a few of the boosters. It was getting late, and the WGH was falling asleep, so he went to bed. J3 finally won the game. I had a card from The Guild booster pack, which would have given X number of points where X was the number of Munchkin boxes in the room, up to fifteen. I could have played it to the max, but it was late, and we all wanted to go to bed.

Sunday was Brian’s birthday proper, and he wanted to go to our FLGS for his birthday discount. His parents called to wish him a happy. We were going to visit them last week, but didn’t make it due to my index, so we drove down that day.

My in-laws were hosting Brian’s maternal grandmother and aunt, who were playing cards when we arrived. My MiL was recently told that she might need a CPAP, so we brought Brian’s machine. During the conversation, we learned that she does not have a diagnosis of sleep apnea, so they probably were trying to sell her something she doesn’t need. Yet another argument for a non-profit health care system.

Finally at the FLGS, Brian received his discount, then we went home to watch football, even though the Packers had a bye week.

Pog ma thoin!

“Happy Birthday! (And don’t worry about the “wiser” part-- it is over rated anyway!)” -blupe
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