Aug. 8th, 2014

delazan: (Round Tuit)
I. Marriage Family
1. Brian’s sea-grass fedora is awesome on him.
2. Desperately need to restart game night with Brian and sometimes with Mekhi.
3. Brian and I need to have family photos done with Mekhi.
4. Signing up Mekhi for karate has been brilliant.
5. Prince Mekhi loves sticker books, so I must remember to buy him more. Plus some markers, which he prefers to crayons.
6. Birthday gift for Brian: something steampunk
7. Nina is pretty much our dog now. We’ve bought her a license and paid for almost all her needed health care. She still needs a teeth cleaning. Maybe in February.
8. “A fine day spent with the kindest, most loving woman I know. She was foolish enough to marry me, and I’m too smart to ever let her go.” – BKC talking about me on our 23rd wedding anniversary
II. Health
1. Weight is back over 300#.
2. Use some of the turkey broth to make frozen soup.
III. Finances
1. With the mortgage refinance, we’re almost done with unsecured debt Round III (only SP Visa left), and we’re rid of the second mortgage for good. All for only an extra $2000 out of the mortgage.
2. We’re hoping to buy a new car this year to replace the caravan.
IV. Creativity
1. “I’d like to spend the next two months working on my creativity. In order: 1. Hirapis, 2. Christmas crafts (especially Advent Candles), 3. Pins (i. e. Kicks Unlimited), and 4. My websites.” 2800. T-7-15-2014
2. “Creativity: Responded to JF’s questions about Hirapis and sent him the first 50 pages; August: Need to respond to JF’s remarks on first 50 pages; need to re-write Hirapis I; need to update ideas list and sort it to the notes; need to reprint the notes; need to write and send Hirapis short stories; need to make yin-yang earrings; Christmas Crafts, especially Advent Candles; Kicks Unlimited Beaded Pins;” #2804 M-8-4-2014
A. Hirapis
1. Actually tried submitting Hirapis I to some agents; then Brian recommended that I confer with JF. We’ve been going back and forth ever since. I still hope to have the first book completed and submittable to an agent/publisher by the end of the year.
2. I actually am making my novel a priority with the help of my friend JF, who has been in the publishing industry about as long as I’ve been alive.
3. I was afraid that JF would tell me I’ll never be a writer, but hoped that he’d become my agent. I said “the answer probably will be somewhere in between.” He’s helping me make my story better by asking a lot of questions.
B. Crafts
1. Need to buy more green/gold yarn for afghan.
2. Still need to finish Christmas crafts, and I’d like to do them in August, especially the advent candles.
3. I keep promising myself to make an advent candle – or any candle – before my birthday. I still have time to do that this year.
C. Other
1. Still need to update websites; working on an idea with Word Press.
2. Need to add a better strap to my GBP purse before my birthday.
3. I might like to make a flat sun hat if I buy a different serger.
4. I annotated A Modern Christmas Carol this year.
V. To Do
1. “Re-reading the journals, I also noted what I really want to work on: Hirapis, Delazan Enterprises, and me - specifically my weight. Yes, in that order.” #2782, 2-28-2014
2. I still need to have the MedicAlert info tattooed on my left wrist, and I’m thinking of putting the rebel alliance logo on my left arm.
3. The end of year lists/holiday plans worked better, but I have a feeling I’ll be refining that until the day I die. At least I will keep it to a one page brochure with a second page solely for recipes.
4. Been slowly but surely increasing my Munchkin collection.
5. Look up Latin for “In absence of the parent”
6. Need to buy Christmas lights again – maybe. Check stock first.
VI. Events
A. At Castle Curley
1. I keep saying that my Ptolus game has only about a year left; however, we won’t be playing in August or September of 2014 because of football and other issues.
2. “I must remember in the future that the pork shoulder needs to brine for eight hours before slow-cooking it in the Nesco, preferably overnight.” 2799. 7-8-2014, plus more soda; no buns.
3. Already thinking ahead and planning for our Silver Wedding Anniversary and my 50th birthday.
B. To Go
1. Odyssey Con has become onerous, and I’m thinking of quitting because I don’t like being the secretary. Unfortunately, I’m good at it; plus, I like doing the publications, which I’m good at also.
2. I’d like to visit the Seitz cabin again.
VII. Delazan Enterprises
1. Have to do a blog entry on Delazan Enterprises.
2. I desperately need to work on DE because despite the improvements in our finances (refinancing the mortgages to get rid of Debt III and Brian received a pay raise), we still need to make more money.
VIII. House
1. If I’m going to get pregnant, then replacing the lead pipe in the house needs to be a priority.
IX. Pregnant
1. Should move this to I. Family
X. Other:
A. Relatives
1. Not only did my sister finally give me her new contact info, but she responded to my birthday e-mail to her within a day. Maybe now that she has an empty nest, she might remember that she has a sister. I’ll see if she remembers my birthday, which I don’t think she’s done since before my wedding.
2. I’ve tried to engage my brother Tom and his wife Diane in conversation with chilling results (i.e. they’re almost as cold as my late mother), so I don’t feel the need to try anymore.
B. Day Job
1. Still need to find a better paying job, but I’m still working on Hirapis, DE, and buying lottery tickets.
2. Mr. Cueball has to have weekly meetings with me as enforced by those higher up the Food Chain. He’s glad I’m good at making agendas. He keeps promising me a new position description one of these years.
C. Me
1. As I’m re-reading my journals, I hear my Susan Boyle singing, “I Dreamed a Dream.” If she can make her dreams come true, so can I.
2. I’ve been buying a lot of clothes from Woman Within, including a new winter coat.
3. I probably only will buy Crocs shoes from now on because I love them, they are comfortable, and they last, making them worth the price.
4. Bought a GBP tank top and purse for the game on my birthday.
5. Need to buy a couple sets of gloves with the fingers that can use smartphones.

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