Jun. 9th, 2014

delazan: (For Prince Mekhi)
Friday night at supper, I gave Mekhi the evil eye for the first time ever. In fact, this was the first time I’ve ever given a child the evil eye. I had to remind myself that I am not my mother (who perfected the evil eye to a new level of evil) because I still laugh at many things Mekhi does that, were Mary Hewuse his mother, would have made her yell at him.

Now granted, the reason for the evil eye was that he was misbehaving while at a local bowling alley for the Friday Fish Fry. I thought the evil eye would draw less attention than verbally chastising him. I was so subtle, even Mekhi didn’t catch it. Yes, very effective. /sarcasm

Back home, we decided to mow the lawn because it was needed, and we’re going to be very busy this weekend. After we were done with the chore, Brian took a big log that fell from one of our trees, chopped it up, and started a fire in our outdoor fireplace. Unfortunately, he thought the log was dry enough that it would burn with just some scrap paper to start it. When neither that, nor the firestarters that I made from 100% recycled materials (egg cartons, dryer lint, and used up candle wax) worked, I finally broke down some smaller branches of tinder and kindling to add to his fuel log. Yes, I am a lifetime member of the Girl Scouts. Someday I’ll tell you about starting the campfire for the pack of Boy Scouts at the group camp next to my troop during our trip to the Rockies thirty years ago this summer.

Mekhi didn’t want to just sit by the fire, having the energy of an eight-year-old, so I suggested he bring out his marshmallow gun and fresh bag of ammunition we recently bought for him. Mekhi had so much fun trying to target the marshmallows in the fire, but he kept missing. Someday he’ll be better at the geometry of trajectories, but in the meantime, he hit both me and Brian with marshmallows by accident. My mother would have yelled; I just laughed with Mekhi because it was funny.

After Brian doused the fire, I had to make a couple of cakes for our gaming group, and Mekhi wanted a cooking lesson. I showed him how to grease and flour the baking pans, the proper way to crack open an egg, and had him show me to where on the measuring cup I should fill it with water. I even showed him how to separate an egg yolk from its white, but I told him that takes a lot of practice.

The most important lesson that I taught Mekhi about cooking is the one my mother taught by example: tailor the cooking for those who will eat the food. I was making a German chocolate cake for our friend Jason, who Mekhi saw at Todd and Kat’s party last weekend. I explained that the traditional frosting for such a cake is coconut pecan. However, our friend Brian Stewart does not like coconut, so my Brian suggested making a second cake especially for him.

At Mekhi’s karate classes, they have a new Power Word each month. This month is “Sportsmanship,” and past words have included “Kindness” and “Teamwork.” I knew that Mekhi not only understood my cooking lesson, but that he also learns a lot more than karate at Kicks Unlimited because he used another previous Power Word when he said, “Plus, it’s Respectful.” I am so proud of him, and I gave him a big hug and kiss to tell him so.

As the cakes were baking, I opened the basement door to check on my laundry. Unfortunately my towels were not done in the dryer, so I mentioned to Mekhi that I’ll have to get up early in the morning to take a shower. Well, my little prince knows me very well because he snorted after I said that. Again, I laughed as I said, “That was very sarcastic, and very, very appropriate.” I love how quick his wit is growing.

Believe it or not, I did wake up in time to shower on Saturday. At karate, I told Mr. and Mrs. Degnan, the owners of Kicks Unlimited, about Mekhi’s proper use of one of the Power Words.

Pog ma thoin!
-Lori, Mom #2

“I’m not very adult. I am sometimes good at pretending to be one.” -Fuzzface00 4-19-2007

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